Four Work Safety Tips for Construction Workers

Are you starting your first job in the asphalt paving industry? Or are you taking on a part-time job in another construction sector? When you are working a physical job in the construction industry, there is a tendency for accidents to happen.

But like any other job, you can ensure that your chances of getting hurt are lowered. It is all about taking precautions. Here are four work safety tips that everyone working for an asphalt paving contractor in Irvington should know about.

  1. Fall Risk

There are fall hazards at every job. When you are working on a pavement, the risk is a lot lower than a typical construction job. But there are situations where you are dealing with uneven surfaces. A fall may not be as bad as falling during a major construction site, but you can hurt yourself. Ensure the area is safe. If there are slippery surfaces nearby, ensure the proper signs are present to warn others.

  1. Always Have Hard Hats On

It is not so fun to get fully decked out in your work gear, especially if you are working a shorter shift. You may be thinking that you can get away with having your hard hat off. But it is never a good idea.

Even if you are working on a pavement, there are risks involved. You may get hit by debris from a nearby job. Maybe there is another area of the house where work is also going on. If something heavy falls in your vicinity, you will want to be protected by your hard hat!

  1. Using Ladders

If you are being asked to use a ladder for part of your job, ensure that you are doing so with all the right safety precautions. Did you know that improper ladder use is one of the leading causes of worker injuries and deaths? People assume that all ladders are safe, but it is a misplaced assumption.

Ensure you have three points of contact when you are using a ladder. Portable ladders must be long enough to create stable angles. If you feel a ladder is unsafe for use, do not get on it. Tell your asphalt paving contractor in Irvington that a ladder is faulty. They will get you another item.

  1. Protecting the Eyes and Face

Having face and eye protection is so important when you are working on a pavement. You may think that you are very skilled at your job. You are not going to get any splatter on your face or eyes. But accidents happen. It only takes a second to make a slight mistake. The last thing you want is some hot substance going onto your eyes or face. Wear the protection given to you all the time!

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