About Us

Having some issues at your job? Joined a new asphalt paving contractor in Irvington, but you are not sure whether it will be a good fit? Sometimes we think that it is only the owners of companies that need to come online and get information about their industry. In fact, workers need this type of information even more. And there are not enough resources online where they can get this information. It is why we took steps to correct the problem by creating a website and community page for asphalt workers in Irvington.

Whether you just started working your first job in this sector, or you have been a part of it for decades, we value your input. Our forums section is dedicated to our readers. Anyone can create an account and start posting immediately. We allow free creation of new topics and commenting. It is a great way for you to get to know others in your profession in the Irvington area. If there are any hot topics that concern the asphalt industry in this area, you will hear about them on our community forms.

But our site is more than just a forum for people to talk with each other. We have a staff of freelance writers who have a lot of experience with the asphalt industry. And unlike other websites, we do not focus on growth figures or the amount of money companies are making. We focus on issues related to asphalt workers. The issues that concern you the most are the ones we will run stories on. It is what makes our site such a great resource for workers.

We always want to hear about how our stories are resonating with readers. We encourage comments on every article – good or bad. And if you have specific thoughts about the site, or improvements we can make, please send us an email through the site.