Asphalt Worker Guides: Finding Your First Job

Working in any industry is a challenge, especially if you have no experience of that type of work. Maybe you are just coming out of high school, or you are transitioning from another industry, and you want to find a job at an asphalt contractor in Irvington. You are probably wondering how you can “get your foot through the door.” It is understandable to have this concern. We will go over some tips to help you get your first job with an asphalt paving contractor in Irvington.


  1. Highlight All Work Experience

When you start in a new industry, you might feel as though your experience at other jobs is not relevant. For instance, working at Starbucks may not have much to do with working construction. But if you are putting nothing on your resume, you will have a harder time getting hired.

Talk with your prospective employer. Explain why you are thinking about changing careers. Show them your work experience at other jobs. It helps show that you have worked steady hours before. They can also call those employers to verify your work experience.

  1. Always Search for Part-Time Opportunities

It can be hard to get a full time opportunity with the wages that suit you, especially if you do not have experience in this industry. But there are options out there. What you can do is take part-time positions in the beginning. You may not be getting the ideal hours that you want – but it is better than nothing.

  1. Take the Worst Shifts

Even when you find a full-time position, you may be encouraged to take the shifts that no one else wants. Go ahead and take them. You are building up your experience. It is not the moment where you can be picky about the precise hours you will work. Take those shifts everyone else hates. Eventually you will be the one picking your shifts!