Impact of Technology on the Asphalt Paving Industry

It is not a combination we think about too often: the asphalt paving industry and silicon valley. In some ways, these two industries are about as different as you can get. There is silicon valley, where some new technology is being tested out all the time. Then you have the asphalt paving industry, where tried and trusted methods are what take precedence over anything else.

But then you have a situation where both parties can benefit from each other. And that is where the linkup emerges. Silicon valley is well aware the construction industry is one of those underserved industries where technology is concerned. Sure, they make use of new machines every few years, but there is never anything revolutionary. But it looks as though much of that is going to change.

Understanding Tech in Asphalt Paving

Now you may rightfully wonder, how is technology going to play a role for an asphalt paving company in Irvington? Is it going to help or is it just going to make things more expensive? While the typical driveway paving contractor in Irvington may feel as though it is not going to be much use, the experts do not agree.

According to research from the World Economic Forum, construction companies that take technology on board are going to save up to $1.5 trillion in ten years. That is all from the increased efficiency that you get when you are using technology in the right ways. That is the carrot for these companies. It is just about knowing how to balance tried and trusted methods with new tech.

Examples of Construction Tech

The biggest advantage for any construction company is tech that could help automate certain parts of the job. Now we can understand the fears of the worker. An asphalt paving worker may be feeling as though tech is just going to take their job away. But that is not the reality.

There is a shortage of skilled workers in construction and asphalt paving. Most asphalt paving contractors in Irvington complain they cannot find enough workers. Tech is going to supplement those who want to work in these industries – it is not going to put anyone out of a job.

The big advantage with construction and tech is that you already have these three and four dimensional models of a job site. There are detailed plans of what must be done. When automated machines can work in this environment, the machine will know precisely what has to get done.

It is time for construction companies to start embracing the future. Yes, there will be some hiccups. Machines will not get things perfect each time. But as these machines become viable and affordable, construction companies must rise to the challenge. They must find the right balance between their current methods and the machines that can make life easier. It is the only way these companies are going to survive going into 2018, 2019 and beyond.

And where workers are concerned, there is nothing to fear. Those who can handle this type of work and want to make a career out of it will still have those opportunities. Machines are just going to merge the gap between how much labor an asphalt paving company needs and what is available. They are going to aid workers, not put them out of jobs.

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